Free Tutorials and Resources Related to Cinematography

General – Practical tutorials covering everything from video production to web design. – Great starting place for finding out about different media career types. – Video tutorials which compliment Adobe software products. – Training videos for multimedia and business software (monthly subscription).
Film, TV & Video – Support for digital video, video editing, and media production pros. – Practical articles on filmmaking, film marketing, script writing etc. – Lots of nicely categorised Final Cut Pro tutorials. – Practical tips for camera crew working in film. – Advice and insight with regards to working in television. – Motion graphics video tutorials. – Filmmaking video tutorials created by the Vimeo community. – Creative and Professional Advice  from the BBC
Media Theory – The Author of ‘Film Art’ shares links and posts about studying film – Lots of Posts about Film Studies – Tips and resources for media theory students. – media studies lesson plans, worksheets, revision notes and more. – Detailing the Freedom of Information Act. – Media law and ethics resource (UK-based).
Free University Courses on Film
“The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound and Color” taught by Scott Higgins at Wesleyan University
The Camera Never Lies ” taught by Emmett Sullivan at Royal Holloway, London University

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