Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to the Cine Collective Project

Creative Workship: Assessment and Learning Outcomes

Technical Workshop: Skills Audit

Creative Brief One: Introduce yourself to the group by making a one minute ‘Long Portrait’

Week 2

Lecture: The Technique, Art and Craft of Cinematography

Creative Workshop: Space, Place and Cinema

Technical Workshop: Using Digital Video Cameras

Creative Brief Two: Evoke a sense of Place and Space

Week 3

Lecture: History and Context in Film

Creative Workshop: History of Film Quiz

Technical Workshop: Lighting Essentials

Creative Brief Three: Drawing on Genre and Movements in Film

Week 4

Lecture: Ways of Looking: Analysing Film and Cinematography

Creative Workshop: Analysis

Technical Workshop: Shooting Video on DSLRs

Creative Brief Four: Make an Analysis Tutorial Video for the Class, Based on a Reading

Week 5

Lecture: Cinematic Approaches 1: Drawing from the Arts

Creative Workshop: Ideas in Painting

Technical Workshop: Using movement and grip

Creative Brief Five: Produce a cinematic response to a non-film text (painting, art) handed to you in class

Week 6

Lecture: Cinematic Approaches 2: The Cinematic City

Creative Workshop: The city in film

Technical Workshop: Focus on Lenses

Creative Brief Six: The Cinematic City: Coventry in a Day Collaborative Task

Week 7

Lecture: Cinematic Approaches 3: Affect

Creative Workshop: Design your own task

Technical Workshop: Colour Grading

Creative Brief Seven: Design your own task

Week 8

Lecture: Putting your showreel together

Creative Workshop: Your Cinematic Identity

Technical Workshop: Advanced Editing

Creative Brief Eight: Put your showreel together for presentation the following week

Week 9

Visiting Speaker: Director of Photography Andrew Rodger discussing his work and career

Creative Workshop: Andrew and the course team feedback on your Cine Reels

Technical Workshop: Using the RED ONE with Andrew Rodger

Tutors are also available to check over your essays

Continue with Creative Brief Eight: Put your cinematography showreel together for presentation the following week

Week 10.

Lecture: This is just the beginning. Developing your practice and hunger

Creative Workshop: Feedback and Assessment

Bonus Task: a Christmas themed collaborative Cine Task


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